Walking around the Grand Children’s Park

The Children’s Grand Park (어린이대공원) is a huge park near the Han river. You can get there by subway line 7 (station “Children’s Grand Park”, 어린이대공원) or line 5 (station “Achasan”, 아차산). We went there during the last cherry blossom, a very popular phenomenon in countries like South Korea, Japan or China. The cherry blossom lasts for little more than a week, some years even less, and its beginning varies a little according to the place climate. For example, in Seoul, it always starts some weeks after it starts in Tokyo, as Seoul is a little colder than Tokyo.

Here are some pictures of the park and the cherries.

Entrance to the park.

Children jumping among the cherries.

“Magic Hand” you can get your hand made in wax, first time I saw that. They cover your hand with some liquid and then put it inside a bucket with wax. Then they let it dry and remove the hand as if it was a glove. Pretty cool. 🙂

I don’t know who he is, but it looked very nice with the trees on the background.

Inside the park, there is also quite a big zoo (specially considering that there is no entrance fee).

The cherry blossoms.

Good view of the cherries.

P.S.: A change of location at the commercial office and some Korean exams by the end of this week kept me from updating the blog for quite a long time. I’ll try to give you guys updates more often.. promise.