The Euro Rocks!

Yes! The strength of the Euro, together with the recent weakness of the Korean Won, is making all Spaniards living in Seoul and getting paid in Euros feel richer and richer 😀 The same is happening to other ICEX interns, like my friend Alberto (in Ho Chi Minh City).

When I arrived in Korea (on october 4th 2007), a Euro was worth 1294.55 Won. Yesterday the exchange rate was 1610.31 Won per Euro (a 24% increase!!). What I’m afraid about is that I had to give 1,800,000 Won (around 1,500 Euro at that time) deposit for my appartment and I don’t get that money back until I leave in december. At this pace, by december, maybe my 1,800,000 Won are worth two euros and a half:$