Street View in Seoul Subway

After a couple of months waiting, finally here is the solution to the “Life Changes” mystery:

The Seoul Subway “DigitalView”.

It is all about some cabinets that have been installed at the the line 1, 2, 3, and 4 Seoul subway stations (what about the other lines?). These cabinets have an interactive map of the surroundings of the station, and a touch phone that allows paying phone calls using the T-money card.

A different view.

Touch phone that allows paying using T-money.

I am not sure whether or not this will change anybody’s life, but I think it’s a great idea. These new booths have, on one side, a public telephone (during the testing period you can make free national calls, including cellphones!). On the other side there is room for an advertisement that I guess they will use to finance all the operation. In the center there is the main device, a huge touchscreen that very much reminds on an iPhone, showing information about the subway station’s emergency exits, nearby restaurants and interesting places, news, and even a Google Streetview-like interactive map of the subway station’s surroundings. They have called this map “Digital View”. I recorded a small video so that you can view the “device” in action:

(Second) Trip to Tokyo

As I had to leave Korea in order to get my working Visa, we went to spend 5 days in Tokyo. Also to visit Jairo, Peque, and Satomi, whom I didn’t see since last year. This is actually my third trip to Tokyo, but still, this city is always worth visiting. Here you have some pics I took 🙂

Jairo is in Tokyo… and he has a scooter!!

One of the many impressive things in Tokyo is its absolute cleanliness. Here they were polishing the yellow lines on the subway station floor.

With Jiwon, Jairo, y Celia in an izakaya right under the Shinkansen railways.

Everybody knows that interest rates in Japan are not very generous… Well, it seems sales aren’t much better.

In Takeshita Street (Harajuku Station) it’s easy to find characters dressing like this (cosplay). This is also something you can see more and more in Seoul nowadays. Specially on weekends at the Hongdae area.

With Jiwon at Yoyogi Park, near Takeshita Street.

The day we went to see the Tokyo Tower was the only day the sky was clear, perfect for taking this kind of pictures. I don’t know why (pollution??), but in Seoul the sky always has a pale tone that makes it appear totally white in pictures 🙁

Right next to Asakusa Temple (a must-see spot for any tourist in Tokyo) there are these gardens.

Even though it’s still a bit early (festivals usually take place in late april), we would see some cherry blossoms in Ueno Onshi Park.

Another place I hadn’t been before is Odaiba Island. I recommend you to go at night, as you will be able to enjoy these views (if you go in winter on a windy day, be prepared to get cold…).

Picture 011
Of course, we also went out at night. Here we are (from left to right) myself, Jiwon, Elena, Peque, Jairo, and Satomi at a bar in Roppongi.

On our last day in Tokyo, this is how the sky looked like (I didn’t use Photoshop in the picture). Surprisingly enough, it didn’t even rain at last.