Meeting Blaire

Today I met with Blaire! From now on I’ll call her Yoon-Jung, as it’s her Korean name, and I’m now in Korea:P I was so nice to see her again! She cut her hair a little shorter, which makes her look even cutter, and of course she’s as charming as always:) It’s just awesome to see how I keep seeing people I thought I would never see again. The world is much smaller than it seems;)

We went to Sinchon area to have dinner with the guys from the office and some other spaniards currently living in Seoul.

Here is a picture of all of us (with some Yonsei students) after having dinner:


And this is Seoul’s Ballyhoo, I think I’m going to spend many hours in this place:


First Day?

This isn’t really my first day in Seoul, but I’m as excited as if it was. I came with four more Spanish guys and all of us will be working at the Office of Foreign Trade of the Embassy of Spain in Seoul. During the first three months we will be studying Korean at Yonsei University, traveling as much as we can, and enjoying life in the capital city of South Korea:D

View from my room

This picture is the view from my room, just awesome!