Launch of Online Free Expression Day

Today, march 12th 2008, has been the first Online Free Expression Day. This initiative has been organized by Reporters Without Borders, a French NGO which, among other things, has published a list of Internet “enemies” countries. In this list, there are countries where the severity of the situation is knownby all, such as China, North Korea, Cuba or Vietnam.

The truth is South Korea, a country that regards itself as a developed country and that wants to be among the technologically most advanced countries in the world, also censors the Internet. This censorship mainly affects pornographic or North Korea related websites (not all of them, only a few actually). Obviously, there are always methods to access these websites through web proxies. 😉

When searching for the keyword “sex” no pornographic links are shown (besides, coincidentally I hope, the first link is a documentary about comfort-women used by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II).

To see all the results from the search, you have to prove you are over 19 by entering your Korean name and ID.