Air Force Show

Finally I get some time to post about the Air Force Show!

Last Saturday I went to Osan, a city 35 km. south from Seoul. I went with Yoon-Jung and two of her friends, Ki-Eun and Sung-Min, two very funny guys with whom I’m sure I’ll get very much along with. They were enjoying some vacation days from the military service, as military service is still mandatory for almost every Korean, during almost two years. Once there we met another friend of Sung-Min, Tae-Kyeong who was actually on duty, with uniform and everything.

The show was at Osan Air Base, a military base which is shared by the Korean and US army (from what I understood). This event takes place once a year, and supposedly only Korean and US citizens are allowed to walk into the base… supposedly 😀

There was lots of food, music, many planes from the US and Korean armies, and exhibition of the US fighters throwing bombs and everything… just amazing! We could also see a performance of Samul-Nori. I want to write a post about this, but give me some time 😉

Here are some pics:

From left to right, Sung-Min, Yoon-Yung, and Ki-Eun.

With Yoon-Jung, in front of a Korean fighter.

Sung-Min and Ki-Eun fooling around a bit:P

With Yoon-Jung’s friends in a helicopter.

And more pictures here!