Korean Demonstration

Last weekend we went to a demonstration asking for the withdrawal of South Korean troops from Irak. Seoul is known for its demonstrations, which usually take place in the area near Gwanghwamun and Myeong-dong subway stations, where many embassies and government buildings are located.

Head of the demonstration.

This demonstration wasn’t violent at all. We met somewhere in Myeong-dong and walked to Gwanghwamun, where the demonstration finished. The truth is that we expected more people, there could be around 300 to 500 people. Carlos, Jairo and I were the only foreigners at the demonstration, so everybody seemed pretty surprised that we were there and everybody took so many pictures of us (I wonder if we were on the newspapers next day, but I couldn’t check). They even said some sentences in English so that we could understand something.

Holding a banner. It says “Irak – Afgan. Stop dominating those countries. Return Korean Military”.

After the demonstration we went to have some coffee with a group of Koreans we met there. Pretty nice people all of them. They belong to some kind of socialistic political group, but I didn’t get it very well:P We exchanged cellphone numbers and we’ll probably meet again, maybe to play a soccer game, which they also like:)