Done with Class

Well, at least until next year. Today we had our last day of Korean at Yonsei University. Time to get our certificates, take pictures, and say good-bye (or better, see you soon!).

Next year I’ll be studying at the same language center, but I enrolled in the evening progam (7.5 hours a week rather than 20 like until now).

My Korean level 1 certificate! Got all A’s, but my Korean still kind of sucks:P

My classmates and professor. From left to right, up to down: Shiaoyan (China), Maribyu (China), Hwan-Ok (Japan), Sondra (Germany), myself, Makoto (Japan), Carlos (Spain), Kenny (US), Deong-Ping (China), Lee Seonsaengnim, Iori (Japan), and Eisei (Japan).

Hope we’ll keep in touch!