Another post with almost two months delay (I’m writing a post about snowboarding when it’s almost summer already!)… this time Alex and I went snowboarding with 주연 (Ju-Yun), a friend of 가영 (Ga-Young), to StarHill Resort, a resort with some artificial snow tracks only one hour and a half drive from Seoul. The place is not so big, but for beginners like us, it was more than enough. Apart from not being able to sit down for one week (I fell down on my ass so many times, some of them really spectacularly), we had a blast, and everythig was quite cheap:D

At the rental, with 상표 (Mark), Ju-Yun’s friend.

Getting ready to… ¿fall?

From left to right, Ju-Yun, Alex, 은미 (Enice), and I.

Alex, 정은 (Ellen), and I.

The kings of snoboarding, I think that I fell down more times than Alex, but my style was much better than his:P

So yes, we had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot to Ju-Yun and her fiends!