Merry Christmas

Quite a long time without updating, but finally, some free time.. a couple of weeks off to spend Christmas with my family and go back to Seoul with my batteries fully loaded.

A short post just to wish you all a merry merry christmas and a happy 2011. Let’s dance!

Happy New Year

It was happy for me because I was in Spain with my family. Once again, I got to spend both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with the people I love, and even if it was a short visit (just one week!) for such a long way, it was totally worth it:D

Ahead of me, one year in Seoul. One year without my family, without my friends, without my bicycle, without good bread, jamón, or pescaíto frito, without seeing the Mediterranean Sea or the white houses in Mijas… Hopefully they all will be waiting for me when I go back. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My cousin Jose and my brother Javi.

With my grandma during New Year’s Eve.

Andrea, the little one in the family.

With Isa, Mari Carmen, and Valero.

Merry Christmas

I’m now in Spain spending some days with my family, but I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy 2008. Soon I’ll upload a post about my trip to Japan:D

Meanwhile, I’ll let the Wonder Girls wish you a merry Christmas (I’ll talk about them soon too).