Spain’s National Day

Yesterday it was October 12th, Spain’s National Day. To celebrate this day, the Spanish Embassy in South Korea organizes a reception to which all Spaniards living in South Korea are invited, so there we went! 😀

This year the reception was at Lotte Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Seoul. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures to post here (all of them are blurry:S), but I can say it was a very nice reception, with representatives from many embassies wearing the official suites and all that stuff you can see in political official acts. There was also lots of food from Spain: jamón, cheese, wine… and also Korean and Chinese food.

After that we went to have some beers, and at night we went out in Sinchon area. It’s jut unbelievable how many bars there are in Sinchon, and all of them were crowded. Seriously, it was something I’ve never seen in Spain or in the US. At 5 in the morning streets and bars were crowded with people and roads crowded with taxis taking people home. It reminded me of Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve in Spain, but in Seoul it seems to be like this every weekend!

I didn’t have my camera with me last night, but just to post some picture of a bar, here is one of our international soccer team socializing after practice:


This bar is also in Sinchon area and what you can see on the walls are all pictures people took in this bar.