Paella Party

Work, Korean, and Taekwondo are keeping me so busy these days, but here are some pictures from the paella we had at my new apartment a few weeks ago. We organized the party to inaugurate my new apartment and also to say “good-bye” (or better, “see ya later”) to my “korean mom” Ga-Young who’s goning to spend six months in China studying Chinese (Chinese is much easier for Koreans than it is for us, although that doesn’t mean it’s easy;))

The paella Carlos and I made.

From left to right, Carlos, Jeniffer, Yong-Hwi, Enu-Hye, Ga-Young, Ciro, Alex, and Jairo (I was taking the picture).

My apartment is still pretty empty, there’s just a bed actually. As soon as I finish furnishing it, I’ll post some pictures to show you guys:)

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