Meeting Blaire

Today I met with Blaire! From now on I’ll call her Yoon-Jung, as it’s her Korean name, and I’m now in Korea:P I was so nice to see her again! She cut her hair a little shorter, which makes her look even cutter, and of course she’s as charming as always:) It’s just awesome to see how I keep seeing people I thought I would never see again. The world is much smaller than it seems;)

We went to Sinchon area to have dinner with the guys from the office and some other spaniards currently living in Seoul.

Here is a picture of all of us (with some Yonsei students) after having dinner:


And this is Seoul’s Ballyhoo, I think I’m going to spend many hours in this place:


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  1. Yeah, that’s what I think too 🙂 Can’t believe that you are in the same city again!!
    You couldn’t have imagine how excited I was to see u!! Bienvenidos de seoul !!

    and see you later !

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