Hiking with Mr. Han

Last weekend we went hiking with Mr. Han, the driver in our office. What we thought would be an easy hike in Bukhansan (북한산) with some ajossies and ajummas turned into a quite hard climbing and at some points even dangerous I would say. Anyway we had a fun day and the scenery was just awesome. The good thing of Seoul is that being a city surrounded by mountains, as soon as you get away from the high buildings you can find yourself at places like this:

Pablo with Mr. Han, right before starting the hike.

Koreans were so well equipped. That’s so common here. Anything they do (hiking, soccer, cycling…), they dress like real professionals. Nothing to do with easy-going Spanish people 😛

This days are perfect for hiking. It’s not so cold yet, but you can already see red leaves everywhere in the mountain.

With Pablo, almost at the top. At this point we were sweating all over and I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

It’s unbelievable how many people you find at the mountain on weekends. Koreans really love hiking.

The scenery was so good. It was a pity it was cloudy and a little foggy but anyway I took some nice pictures.

King of the mountain 😛

With Pablo and Mr. Han, taking a break.

While going down, we kept seeing a lot of people still going up to the top.

These piles of stones are made by monks that usualy go to the mountains to find a quiet place not so far away from the crowdy and busy Seoul.