Happy Chuseok!

Today is Chuseok (추석) in Korea, the day Koreans traditionally celebrate the good harvest season gathering all the family together and eating traditional Korean food. For this reason, Chuseok is also know as “Korean Thanksgiving Day”.

Chuseok day, the day before, and the day after are national holidays in Korea, bus this year, as Chuseok is on a Sunday, workers can only actually take one day off, monday. So this year it has been a very short Chuseok vacation.

As it is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, Chuseok day is also the day with the brightest full moon of the year, so it’s also a tradition, specially for Korean young couples, to go and see the full moon at night.

Here is a nice postcard that I received from Tandberg Korea, where you can see a typical Korean family dressed with the Hanbok (한복, the traditional Korean dress) gathering a good harvest 🙂