Baseball Game

It’s funny that after all this time in Seoul I had not been to a game of the most popular sport in South Korea: baseball.

We went to Jamsil Stadium to watch a game between LG Twins and Lotte Giants. Right before the game started there were so many people nearby the entrance that the mobile network was collapsed and it was absolutely impossible to make a phone call any closer than a block from the stadium.

Finally inside the stadium. I must admit that even though I am not familiar with baseball rules, the game was quite fun. Maybe because you can drink beer during the game, time went really fast. In fact, Koreans usually watch the game while drinking beer and eating fried chicken.

The stadium was completely crowded and over half of the capacity of the stadium was for Lotte supporters (including us), who came all the way from Busan. Lotte Giants is known for having the most active supporters in the Korean league. Besides, they have one of the best Korean players, Dae-Ho Lee (이대호).

Also quite funny the way people support their team: with these plastic bags on their heads.

Being used to the soccer scoreboard, this one was quite a complicated one for me. It took me over an hour to get to understand each and every one of those numbers…

Already in the subway on our way home. We could not get the victory but still you can say by our smiles we had a great time watching the game. No doubt we will go again to watch Lotte winning the game!

Hiking with Mr. Han

Last weekend we went hiking with Mr. Han, the driver in our office. What we thought would be an easy hike in Bukhansan (북한산) with some ajossies and ajummas turned into a quite hard climbing and at some points even dangerous I would say. Anyway we had a fun day and the scenery was just awesome. The good thing of Seoul is that being a city surrounded by mountains, as soon as you get away from the high buildings you can find yourself at places like this:

Pablo with Mr. Han, right before starting the hike.

Koreans were so well equipped. That’s so common here. Anything they do (hiking, soccer, cycling…), they dress like real professionals. Nothing to do with easy-going Spanish people 😛

This days are perfect for hiking. It’s not so cold yet, but you can already see red leaves everywhere in the mountain.

With Pablo, almost at the top. At this point we were sweating all over and I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

It’s unbelievable how many people you find at the mountain on weekends. Koreans really love hiking.

The scenery was so good. It was a pity it was cloudy and a little foggy but anyway I took some nice pictures.

King of the mountain 😛

With Pablo and Mr. Han, taking a break.

While going down, we kept seeing a lot of people still going up to the top.

These piles of stones are made by monks that usualy go to the mountains to find a quiet place not so far away from the crowdy and busy Seoul.


Another post with almost two months delay (I’m writing a post about snowboarding when it’s almost summer already!)… this time Alex and I went snowboarding with 주연 (Ju-Yun), a friend of 가영 (Ga-Young), to StarHill Resort, a resort with some artificial snow tracks only one hour and a half drive from Seoul. The place is not so big, but for beginners like us, it was more than enough. Apart from not being able to sit down for one week (I fell down on my ass so many times, some of them really spectacularly), we had a blast, and everythig was quite cheap:D

At the rental, with 상표 (Mark), Ju-Yun’s friend.

Getting ready to… ¿fall?

From left to right, Ju-Yun, Alex, 은미 (Enice), and I.

Alex, 정은 (Ellen), and I.

The kings of snoboarding, I think that I fell down more times than Alex, but my style was much better than his:P

So yes, we had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot to Ju-Yun and her fiends!


Yes, yesterday I signed up for taekwondo lessons at Yonsei University, the university in which I am also learning Korean. I’m gonna be taking these lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7 to 8:30 PM.

First lesson was yesterday, and I really liked it! Seems like a great work out, lots of stretching, kicking, defense, relaxing, etc. Much more fun than going to the gym or swimming pool:P